Its been a while....

So, it has been a while since we posted! So much has happened since our last blog. We opened during the snow and worst weather we have seen! Today, the sun is shining and we are getting ready for our first customers of the day... Fish prepped, Rice done, let's make people smile. 

We are overwhelmed at the response we have had from the press and everyone else that has eaten with us and the positive reviews we have had on Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook, Food Bloggers and everyone else especially to their friends who have then come down. 

We received the shock of our short-lived restaurant life when we received an email last week from the Observer, telling us that their food critic had been in for lunch with us and if they could send a photographer to take some pictures. We are now waiting to see what they think of our food. We have been told that the Critic hasn't reviewed a place in Birmingham since 2015! 

We have had a lot of other press as well, IChoose Birmingham, Birmingham Live, Shortlist Magazine to name a few. 

We are now live with Open Table to help us navigate through the bookings we are getting so come try our food and see if it stands up to the HYPE.



Michal Kubiak